Tennis is Hard

And fun, really really fun, but also? Really really hard.

A long long time ago (middle school) in a (not so) far away state (Georgia) I played tennis on a regular basis. On a team even. And it was fun. I don’t remember if I was really good at it or not, but I think I didn’t suck at it, so that’s something.

When we moved here I didn’t play because I was in the marching band and marching band practice conflicted with (and was WAY more important than) tennis. (If you find yourself with the urge to make fun of my marching band history I suggest you suppress it!)

So anyways, I played a few times in college, but otherwise I haven’t really played since I was 14. Recently Nate and I have started playing with friends. Recently, as in last Saturday. And we’ve played four times since then. I hate being away from the house so much in the evenings and the dogs being stuck in their crates, but I really do love playing tennis. Even if it’s 5000 degrees outside.

So I’m freaking exhausted now! And now? I definitely lean towards the side of “suck” on the skill scale, but hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things pretty quickly! Today the four of us even rented a ball machine to practice. Even the ball machine kicked our asses!

But! It was fun. And it’s great exercise and exercise being fun is SO important.

Yay tennis!

2 thoughts on “Tennis is Hard

  1. That is awesome that you are playing tennis. I love to play (or watch) tennis. Unfortunately I am not very good either. I wouldn’t say I suck but I’m definitely not even average.

    Yay tennis!


  2. I’ve played a few times recently with friends, and I’m definitely on the side of “suck”, but like you said, it’s so much fun! I don’t even care that I’m bad!


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