I Would Suck as a Cable Repairman(person)

So it turns out that it was just a bad cable from the wall to the splitter that had gone bad last week. That’s what caused us to lose phone and internet service for around 24 hours. I was SO convinced it was the modem I never even thought to check and make sure all of the cables were still working. You know, since the TV and the phone/cable came from the same outlet, why would one work and not the other? Even as he was replacing it I was skeptical because it’s a cable. I mean can a cable really stop working over night, just like that, for no reason at all? And apparently the answer is “yes” because after he checked like 5 other things and he replaced the cable it all works fine!

I know the fact that it works should make me happy all by itself, but I can’t help but feel a little foolish for having the cable repair guy come out to replace a bad cable. I’d like to think I’m at least competent enough to handle that much!  (Or maybe I’m not!)