Used to be a Tomato

Recently at dinner Nate and I have been seeing a few different birds hanging out in our back yard. I really enjoy watching the birds, although I wish once in a while they would sit a little closer and hold still for a picture, but I guess that may be asking too much.


On Monday I saw a bird land on our fence and start squawking, and then open its mouth. Then I saw another bird land next to it and stuff something in its mouth. Adorable, huh? A baby bird being fed on my fence! Nature! Up close, right in my back yard! Yay!

So last night I heard the same squawking and went over to look and this time I saw the baby bird (who, frankly, looks exactly like the adult bird, except louder) and the parent bird. Only this time I caught the parent bird trying to pick up a tomato off the ground. About 20 feet from the tomato plant so I’m like 99.9% sure the bird dropped the tomato in the first place. So once the tomato was recaptured both birds flew off.

I mean, I’ve been thinking about getting a bird feeder for a while now. I’ve been torn though because I don’t want squirrels and with the size of our yard and potential locations of the feeders, the fence, our trees and deck I don’t think a place in the yard exists where we could put a feeder and not have a squirrel on it.

Little did I know that I already had a bird feeder.

And if that wasn’t enough a bird actually had the nerve to attempt a tomato plant landing while I was out in the yard watering my veggies! It started swooping down towards the bush until it saw me turn around and then it did an immediate U-turn and landed on the neighbor’s roof where it could watch me walk around the yard.

So then, just when I thought I’d seen the worst of it, I got home from work yesterday and went outside to check my tomatoes. And I WAS WRONG. There, on the ground, next to the planter and about 90% eaten was my biggest tomato. The only one off the big plant that had started turning red, and the bird knocked it off the plant and ate it. (I have two plants with regular sized tomatoes and two that grow the tiny ones). So I carried the tomato up onto the deck to show Nate, only while I was in the house two birds came over and tried to fly off with it! So I went out and chucked it over the fence. Then I thought that maybe I should have put it back up on the deck and taken pictures. If they’re going to eat my tomatoes I could at least use it to my advantage! But no, I was not the smart.

The nerve of some birds!

Of course it helps that Nate is all giving me a hard time now because I wanted the birds to come closer and I wanted to feed and bathe them (I want a bird bath), and now that I’m actually feeding them they’re seriously pissing me off!

And also, on a sort of funny note, last night when I was letting the dogs out before bed (at around 10pm) I walked over to look at my tomato plant and I seriously almost screamed. There was a slug. The BIGGEST slug I’ve ever seen in my life. And it was inching its way along the side of the INSIDE of my planter. I mean I wasn’t even near accidently touching it (which seriously may have given me a heart attack) and it freaked me the hell out. I glanced around for a big stick or something so I could try to pull it off, but even the thought of that was too much for me so I ran inside to tell Nate. Thinking he was going get the slug away from my tomatoes. WRONG! (again). He was all like “Really? Gross.” And he was also definitely NOT going out there to remove the slug. I checked this morning and it’s gone, but knowing there was a slug outside that close to my tomatoes… to things that I plan on EATING. Ick.

2 thoughts on “Used to be a Tomato

  1. Traci

    I have a bird feeder for the bigger birds out away from the house and one for finch and other small birds directly next to the tomato plants. That seems to do the trick and they leave the veggies alone. As for the squirrels….I’d just calculate them into your bird food budget. No gadget or placement I’ve ever tried has done the trick. Good luck!


  2. I was going to say pretty much what Traci said! I have two feeders about 6 feet from my two big tomato plants, and so far the birds have left the tomatoes alone. Of course, they’re mostly still green so that could change. And yes, you’re right, pretty much no matter what you do you will have squirrels eating out of your feeder. I use safflower seeds instead of sunflower seeds. The squirrels don’t like it much but the birds like it just fine. I’ve even resorted to putting out food just for the squirrels, and they still eat out of my feeder from time to time!


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