Summer TV

Is anyone else watching Fear Itself this summer? I was kind of excited about it and we’ve watched a couple episodes so far, but so far I’m not overly impressed. Especially after watching the most recent episode, Community.

As soon as someone said something about a “perfect” neighborhood all I could think about was the X-Files, and how I’d seen this one before and it was called Acadia.

And while they weren’t quite the same thing, both of them are about a super strict and crazy HOA.

Fortunately mine is not super strict or crazy. Unfortunately right now mine is pretty much also non-existent. I called the management company but they claim that they haven’t really been given authority from the developers yet so the developers are in charge of things like the common area that is like 99% weeds now and they said that so far the developers aren’t being especially cooperative and don’t seem especially receptive to suggestions and questions from the management company. So now I have to figure out what I can do to get their butts in gear because this is a nice neighborhood and I’m tired of looking at my neighbor’s trash can parked in their front  yard next to their driveway where it’s been for the last month!