Starting Over


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So after four and a half months in the new house we decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and start painting.

First up was sort of a “test run.” The toilet has it’s own little room in the master bath, so we figured that was a nice small area to start with. It took almost a full gallon and two coats of paint but I think it’s a pretty cool color!

So the color passed the test and eventually we’ll be doing the rest of the master bath as well. We’ve also started picking out colors for the bonus room, but the amount of wall space in there it still pretty intimidating so far.

So we’re starting small, but the process is starting. With the help of my mom and some professional painters we made pretty quick work of the walls at the last house. I think this house will be a little bit slower.

One thought on “Starting Over

  1. We’re painting our house slowly but surely too! We have the master bedroom and half of the finished basement done so far. Next on the list is the great room (open kitchen, living room, dining room) but I have been so intimidated. The area is HUGE and what if I hate the color when I’m done?? Haha!


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