So I saw this article and it made me a little sad. Talking about how they had to euthanize 50 “nuisance geese” that were causing people problems in a gated community. How the geese population in the state is just huge and they felt they had no choice.

We have a LOT of geese near us. I mean a lot. Around 30 or so. I counted once and I think I counted 28, but it’s kind of hard to tell when they won’t be still. It started as a few little geese families with baby geese and it was freaking adorable watching them cross the street. Now seriously, they must have told all of their geese friend because they’re everywhere.

And I still don’t hate them.

I know the crap a lot and I know they’re definitely not the nicest animal out there, but I still sort of enjoy seeing them on my way in to work even if I do have to stop every now and then because try telling them they don’t have the right of way.

Over the weekend I didn’t see the geese once. I did, however, see what looks to be a dead goose up on the hill on the side of the road. Who knows what happened but I thought maybe they were chased off, or scared off, or something.

This morning though, they were back. They’ve scooted their grazing area down some, away from their dead friend, but I was actually glad to see them back. Now… if they multiply again next year someone may have to build them a little pedestrian bridge over the street because I’m sure not all cars are as patient with the geese as I am.

4 thoughts on “Geese

  1. Think about it this way, its better for them to be euthanized than to starve to death.

    that being said I hate them. Ever since my Meredith days when they used to swarm the campus and chase me off the sidewalk.


  2. Geese really scare me. I’m just not a bird person. There was a lake where I used to work and every spring I would enjoy seeing the babies, but then some big mama goose would come up behind him hissing up a storm and reminded me why I dislike them.


  3. Some neighbors in my cul de sac feed the geese by throwing bread out in their yard. This morning there were like 40 geese and ducks over there just hanging out and chillin. I can’t imagine having to mow the lawn and worry about stepping in all that poop.

    You’re right, those animals have no comprehension of “right of way” they will stare you down in the middle of the road as if your presence is an insult to them. haha.


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