Summer Anomaly

Summer Anomaly

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Seriously, what is up with this weather!? Last month we had an early heat wave, this month it’s like we’re on track for making up for all the rain we missed out on last year. It’s almost unbelievable!

I guess the good news is that it’s keeping what little grass we have alive and thriving, but it’s also bringing heavy winds which seem to be taking a toll on my poor tomatoes! The container I have for them is moderately shallow and the stakes can’t seem to hold up to the side of the tomatoes plus the major winds coming through and I keep having to reset the stakes.

Also on the good news side of things, what awesome temperatures for July! And I think this is the first time in a while where there was rain in the week but not on the weekends, and that’s fine with me too!

And now, completely unrelated, has anyone seen that show the Middle Man? It’s on ABC Family on Monday nights. I saw previews for it at the movie theater recently. I thought it looked kind of funny, but sort of forgot about it until Nate was at soccer one night and I was channel surfing and there it was! It actually turned out to be pretty funny! Very cheesy/silly, but I actually really like it. Who knew?!

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  1. We’ve been getting lots of rain this summer too, which is very unusual. But we need it – we’ve been in drought for about 5 years now! Plus, my tomato plants love it. Unfortunately it’s not so great for photography on weekends though 😦


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