It’s That Time Again

Kitty Blood Pressure

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Somehow the yearly kitty vet trip is always WAY more stressful than the doggy vet trip.

I’m sure it has something to do with the part where I have to sedate Tili an hour before hand and then find a way to trick them into the pet taxi (like luring them into the bathroom with treats and then stuffing them in because they’ll have no where to hide in such a small room with the door closed).

It could also be that Colby howls the entire way to the vet, the entire time we’re in the lobby, and every time he’s poked and prodded during his exam.

Tili gets to stay in the taxi until Colby is completely finished and then they usually give her the shot and do whatever else they can to her before she completely looses her shit. Normally I get to watch but they decided it would be easier if they took her to the back (probably so they could restrain her without me wondering if they were going to kill her), and when the vet came back she said everything actually went well! So go Tili! And go sedatives!

This picture is actually of Colby having his blood pressure taken. At 8 years old he is officially a “senior” cat and since I didn’t feel like paying for blood work I said they could take his blood pressure and if it was awful we’d do blood work. Fortunately it was normal. Then the vet came in, took one look at his teeth and said he needed to have them cleaned. Unfortunately this comes with blood work so I figured we’d go ahead and do that.

She showed me his teeth and they do look pretty awful. I feel bad because he’s the only pet whose teeth I don’t brush! I figured after 6 years of never a bad word about his teeth that he would be safe. Apparently I was wrong! So Colby will have his teeth cleaned next month (dental month comes with a discount!) and Layne will probably be in February (next dental month) and then everyone had better take really good care of their teeth because this pet teeth cleaning thing is getting really old and I’m starting to think them gumming their food is not such a bad thing. (OK, not really, but it’s a nice thought.)

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