They’re Trying to Take Over the World!

Out of Control

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Or at the very least, they’re taking over the deck. They seriously need to be moved off the deck, or to a different part of the deck, or some place that makes it so that they can’t reach out and grab you if you’re trying to sit at the table.

I had no idea that tomato plants got so big! The good news is that two of my plants have tomatoes. Unfortunately that means two of my plants do not yet. Hopefully soon! Then again I think 4 tomato plants may have been overkill. Maybe.

Also, my dad has been asking me if I’ve been suckering the plants, which I haven’t, because I’m still not 100% sure which leaves are OK to remove. I mean obviously the teeny tiny ones, but just them? Whole branches without flowers? So I plan on asking him when he’s over on Friday and maybe if I’m lucky he’ll get carried away and take care of the whole thing for me.

One thought on “They’re Trying to Take Over the World!

  1. rachel

    If I sucker I usually remove most of the branches without flowers, unless they’re really big. Suckering isn’t a big deal, though. Plants that are suckered produce fewer tomatoes, but the ones they do produce are larger. I haven’t suckered this year, at all, except to remove the branches near the ground to help prevent disease.


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