Sneaky Holiday


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So I just realized a few days ago that the Fourth of July is this Friday. I mean I knew I was running out of June but somehow it took me a while to make the connection to the fact that July means holiday which means a free day off work. SWEET!

Anyways, over the weekend Nate and Ted installed those awesome outdoor speakers on our deck to run off the receiver in the bonus room. It actually seemed to go pretty smoothly and we got a special adapter booster thingie so we can use the remote for the receiver while we’re outside.

Extra awesome!

So it’s also a good thing I remembered the Fourth of July is coming up because a few weeks ago I heard Nate making plans for us to have a Fourth of July get together that would involve a bourbon tasting. So I knew it was coming I just forgot how soon it was coming up and it really would have sucked for it to get to like Thursday and have someone say something about “see you tomorrow” and I’d be thinking “huh?” and then we’d be scrambling to get ready!

Not that Nate would have let me forget, just that usually I’m way more on the ball than that!

So yay upcoming day off work! And something about celebrating our extremely awesome independence.

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  1. rachel

    those speakers look awesome. We used to have outdoor speakers and we loved them, but then our receiver went bad 😦


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