Go Figure

I’ve been watching the Tudors again this season on Showtime. I know I missed the regular season but I’ve been watching them OnDemand every now and then, mostly when Nate is at soccer games. I have to admit I wasn’t so sure I really liked this season, and then somehow I was on the last episode bawling because Anne was about to die. Go figure!

I’m sure the show isn’t 100% factually accurate or anything, but she definitely went down the way it was described in Wikipedia, therefore it has to be true, right?? Kind of makes me want to go take a history class or something!

Also, I noticed was that the men were either named Henry, Thomas, George or Charles and the women were Anne, Catherine, Mary or Elizabeth. I mean I’m sure there were a few other scattered in here and there, but really… was that list of 8 names all they had to work with back then?! Henry married 3 Catherines, 2 Annes and one Jane. Way to mix it up! At least he shouldn’t have had any problem remembering anyone’s names!