Holy Overages, Batman!

So I got my cellphone bill today. It was $30 more than usual in “access overages”. Somehow this month I managed to send a receive a total of 200 more text messages than normal. Freaking 200 over my limit! I’m like 500 minutes under my talk allowance (I don’t talk on the phone a lot) but I go 200 messages over in texting and it costs $30?! That sucks.

I braced myself and called Alltel to see if I could bump up to the next level of message usage and have it applied to my last month’s bill too. I figured I would have to beg them, and use my almost 8 years of service to leverage some help. I mean you’d think that 8 years of on time bill paying mixed with WAY less than my set package minutes usage amount or whatever would count for something, right?? (I do have the lowest plan available in order to keep the nation wide-ness of my plan).

So I explained my problem, and asked to receive a statement showing where all those extra messages were going because 200 is a lot of messages that I don’t normally use. Then I asked about the plan and having them apply it to the current bill and she put me on hold so she could “look into it.”

And then she came back and said I was good to go!


So serously, yay Alltel! And now I have to figure out how I sent 100 more text messages last month than I ever have before! Yikes!

One thought on “Holy Overages, Batman!

  1. I just had to bump up my plan as well. Except I was going over my minutes AND texts by like 200. And I hate talking on the phone! I’ve noticed cell companies are a lot less jerky than they used to be.


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