Game Over!

Nate and Ted play in a local soccer league on Ted’s company’s team. I think there are actually more non-employees than actual employees on the team!

Last night was the first game I went to. It was his third game and it started at 6:15 and that sounded reasonable (unlike the games that start at 8:15)!

It was pretty fun. I was thinking I would go to like one or two games but now I think I’ll try to go to more. They won their first two games and tied this last one. Nate even scored the tying goal! Pretty exciting.

The other team seemed WAY more hardcore than our team. The other goalie was angry and yelled a lot. At one point our goalie had an attack of optimism and actually took the ball alll the way across the field because it was so wide open I’m sure he thought he was going to score. Then he fell down and the other team took the ball and scored. It was almost funny if it wasn’t so sad!

Anyways, we’ve actually been watching some soccer on TV now too. Mostly the Euro games and actually so far they kind of don’t suck. Who knew!?

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