Green Peppers

This is my green pepper plant. It currently has about 5 peppers of various sizes on it. I’m so freaking excited!

My jalepenos plants have 18 total! I don’t know what to do with 18 jalepenos.

My tomatoes haven’t started producing anything yet, which is sort of disappointing, but I planted them about 2 weeks or so after the peppers so I’ll give them a little more time.

Who knew growing things could be so much fun! Next year I’m going to start earlier and grow more. It’s seriously pretty cool. We’re also planning to redo our flower beds in the fall and I can hardly it, I’m so excited. Is that bad?

3 thoughts on “Green Peppers

  1. There is very little I love more than the feeling that comes from raising a plant successfully. Its still early for most species of tomato in our area, so don’t despair!


  2. Traci

    I’m so jealous!! Your peppers look amazing….mine are sort of sad this year. I agree with Rachel that you’ve go the fever. At least it’s a healthy hobby, right?!?


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