We’re Saved!

Saturday morning we filled up the gator bags for the trees out back and watered all of my outdoor flowers and vegetables. Then we realized it had been SO LONG since it rained that the rain barrel was actually almost empty.

So close to being empty, in fact, that Nate had to tilt it to fill the pitcher to finish watering my plants.

It was then we decided it was time to buy a second rain barrel.

But that’s not the point. The point is that we had a surprise severe thunderstorm Saturday afternoon. That’s like my absolutely favorite type of storm.

So Nate and I did what any normal people would do. We took beer and chairs outside onto the front porch (front porch is covered, back porch is not) and watched the storm.

It was awesome. Windy and rainy and water was gushing from the down spout and actually pouring over a different corner of the gutter. I went to look out the window out back and the rain barrel had filled to the top and then started pouring out the overflow spout on the back.

It was beautiful.

And then I thought about the plants I had scooted out of the shelter of the roof line in order that they might get a little rain.

Back when I thought we’d get a little rain and not a torrential down pour. My poor flowers were pummeled. They survived and are looking better now, but there were a lot of flower pieces laying around the deck after.


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