So far, since moving into this house we have killed a LOT of ants. Every time we get rid of one ant hill another pops up somewhere else and kind of we’re running out of ideas! First there was one up against the house by the garage door. Next it was out by the mailbox. Then there was one in the back yard, then another in the back yard, then when you picked up one of the gator bags on our baby trees there were more. We’ve gone through almost 2 cans of ant spray and 1.5 cartons of that stuff you sprinkle around and then get wet, but we can’t seem to shake them. I even killed a monster ant hill in the empty lot next door because 20 feet away is still WAY too close for comfort! Seriously, every time I think we have a foot up on them they turn up somewhere else!

We’re trying really hard to keep them out of under our deck because it’s too short for us to crawl around under there. I think we’re doing Ok with it so far, but I have seen ants on the deck (one or two at a time) and in my opinion that is like 12 ants too many.

So does anyone have any helpful tips for getting ants? We do have a quarterly contract with a bug company, but according to Nate they said they can’t really do anything about the ants unless there is an ant hill when they come out, and I, for one, do not want to just leave an ant hill in my yard while I wait for the ant people to come out. I mean what are they going to do that we’re not doing already??

And also fortunately we’ve managed to keep them out of the house. Thank god. Tili is an awesome fly catcher but I’m not sure she’s do so well against a ton of ants!

2 thoughts on “Ants

  1. I wish I had a good suggestion. We’re constantly fighting ants during warm weather. Unfortunately, they come into our house and we can’t seem to locate the source of the problem. We do put down Terro strips, but like everything else it is only a temporary fix. They’re such little assholes.


  2. Kimmykins13

    I don’t have any tips for you as far as getting rid of the outdoor ants, however – should they migrate into the house then I do (and I hope they don’t)….BUT if they do, there is this stuff that you can buy at the hardware store (and some grocery stores) called Taro. It is a liquid and you pour a little dab into somthing like a soda cap and sit it out on your counter. The ants love it, it’s like dessert to them – but it’s poisonous so they all die right in the cap. I had this problem once and I put this stuff out and they were all gone in a couple of days (and didn’t come back either!!).


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