Welcome to Hades

7 Day Forecast

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Holy crap the forecast is ugly. Hot! Lots and lots of hot!

Hot as in I may never leave my house again hot.

And rain? No rain! Where is the rain?!

We were doing so good on rain, it rained every weekend, and lake levels were normal and now there’s no rain for the next 7 days. Where did the rain go?

Thank god for my rain barrel because I’m having to water my container garden almost every day now. The veggies definitely get it every day, and I actually have teeny jalepenos now! They’re adorable! I’m pretty excited as long as our heat wave doesn’t kill them.

I just hope Meg can get her AC fixed today. The upstairs AC at my house miraculously ran all night so it seems back to normal, but we’re having the guy come out anyways because it’s definitely not normal to stop and start randomly after the house reaches 90!

And is it just me or did we totally skip the 80s! Like a couple days in the low 80s and then straight on to 100!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Hades

  1. yeah its like that here too, and poor Trevor is about to melt. he’s just not used to our kind of heat. container gardens do need a lot of water. you’re pretty smart to get a rain barrel.


  2. Yeah, I’m extremely disappointed about the forecast this weekend. There should be a rule that heat waves only occur on weekdays.

    Hope your sis gets her AC fixed too – I can’t imagine trying to sleep at night without AC.


  3. Kimmykins13

    It’s hot as a beyotch here in Virginia Beach too. I agree with you – Where are the low to mid 80’s? We went from 70’s to 90’s and no happy medium. What’s up with that? I don’t mind it being hot but I despise the humidity. We have no relief in sight for the remainder of the week. ***UGHHH***


  4. Traci

    I just came in from watering and I’m as soaked as the plants. ICK!!! My singular bright spot on the plant front is my Earthbox http://www.earthbox.com/. Because it waters from below, I can fill it a couple of times a week and it’s good to go. I wish I could have a whole deck of them.


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