Time for a Tune Up

I just typed this post out and submit it and then it was gone. I had walked away for a minute in the middle and must have lost connectivity and when I submitted with no connection it ate my post.

How annoying!

Anyways, I had the CR-V serviced at the dealership recently (warranty work, nothing major) and we tried to look at the fit while we were there only they didn’t have any and if you want one you have to order one and wait two months for it and hope that it’s everything you wanted and more once it finally arrives.

I just can’t believe they didn’t even have a sample fit to check out before ordering one even if they had none available on the lot, but I guess that makes too much sense!

2 thoughts on “Time for a Tune Up

  1. When we bought ours it was like the last blue one within 4 hours, so we had to move on it real quick. It is a pretty great little car though.


  2. Okay, I admit was all sorts of confused at first — especially when you were talking about a “sample fit” — I only now just realized you were walking about a car and not a pair of pants or something. Who the hell names a car the “fit”? That should be the name of an exercise machine — not a car. 🙂


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