I Knew It!

I got an email today from our closing agent that we used to sell the old house with. It said that the buyers’ agent called her to tell her that the buyers were surprised to move into the house and find there was no fridge. They were surprised, even though they said in the email that the agent and buyers knew that the fridge wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the contract or negotiations. They were also wondering if it was an extra fridge we would be willing to sell to them.

I feel a little bad. We sold the fridge only a week before the closing and would have happily sold it to them if we knew they were interested. But we didn’t know. And we may be nice people but we were not about to just leave the fridge with them out of the goodness of our hearts.

Ok, so I can kind of understand them thinking that since the fridge was still there after we moved the rest of our stuff out maybe we would just leave it, but at the same time did they really think that just because we had a fridge at the new house that meant we were going to leave this perfectly working fridge for them for FREE even though it was nowhere in the contract?

Oh well, nothing we can do about it now! I told her to tell them we suggest Craigslist because that’s where I listed it for sale and when I did it looked like there was a decent selection in the area!

4 thoughts on “I Knew It!

  1. rachel

    yeah, you certainly didn’t do anything wrong, but I probably would’ve expected it, too. Thats one of those weird may/may not convey things.


  2. Yeah, totally not your fault. It’s not like you took the fridge and ran without them knowing. You can’t really be nice when you’re selling a house anyway. It’s all business.


  3. Yeah, the buyers really should have asked about that and double checked on it. I know I asked our agent about 12 times if ALL of the appliances came with the house, and I looked for the wording on the contract too.


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