Much Ado about Nothing

So my parents went on a 3 week vacation. The day they were due to leave on their vacation my mom’s car wouldn’t start. Meg tried to start it twice after they left and once it started, and once it did not. I tried to start it once after that and it did not start, but lights came on, radio came on like it did for Meg. We figured it was the starter and that was hard to replace so we would just have it towed before they got back.

FINALLY on Friday with less than a week before they were due back I called AAA (which was wonderful). They towed the car to the auto shop and I didn’t even have to go along.

This afternoon I called the auto shop to see how it was going with the car. The guy said they checked it over and replaced the battery and everything was working fine.

The battery. They replaced the battery. Meg and I probably could have replaced the battery! My dad definitely could have replaced the battery.

I mean I guess the good news is it was just the battery. The bad news is… It was JUST the battery!

And then I called my mom feeling somewhat bummed that it was a problem we could have fixed ourselves, and she was thrilled it was just the battery and it will be working when she gets home.

2 thoughts on “Much Ado about Nothing

  1. That was still really nice of you to take care of it before they get home!

    I recently found out there are mobile battery replacement services. They’ll come to wherever you are, armed with batteries and replace it on the spot. I’m sure it has existed for awhile because I’m always the last to know.


  2. Kimmykins13

    AAA now carries batteries with them. My battery went dead when I was in Phoenix (on a Sunday). I called AAA for a jump start and they tested the battery right there. They said it was dead and that I would need a new one. I was like – “Damn I’ve got stuff to do today and there won’t be any automotive places open until tommorrow” but AAA guy said no problem – we carry batteries in our trucks now. He reached in pulled out the battey I needed and had it in the car within 15 minutes. Only cost me $77 – SO worth it to have AAA.


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