I Tried

Yes, I’m talking about American Idol. Again. Two nights in a row.

Last night when they opened the phone lines I started calling. And I called, and I called, and I called, and I never got through. I called for about 30 minutes, took a break, and tried a couple more times between 10-10:15 and then gave up and went to bed.

Seriously, not once did my call actually go through. Between busy signals and the “all circuits are busy” message, I’m hoping it’s because everyone else was voting for David Cook too, because while I admit I liked the songs that were chosen for David A. better than the ones chosen for David C. I still couldn’t stop myself from rolling my eyes when he sang Imagine. SAPPY. Love the song, love John Lennon, but let’s take a slow song and make it EVEN SAPPIER. Please. UGH. And if I hear Randy call his wishy washy every song sounds the same when he sings it performance “molten hot lava” one more time.. Gag me.

So I don’t know if I’ll watch the TWO HOUR FINALE. (Holy crap, two hours?! Seriously?! I can hardly sit through one hour without fast forwarding through.. umm… everything Ryan says, 90% of the interview pieces and most of the back stage stuff… and they want me to watch TWO HOURS just to find out who wins? Do I actually care that much? (Oh god, what if I really do?! What’s gotten into me!?)

I mean if I really seriously care who the next American Idol is.. what’s next?! Dancing with the Stars? So You Think You can Dance? Farmer Want a Wife (seriously, that’s a show?) Where does it end?? And how will I still fit in all 500 other TV shows that I’m seriously addicted to? There are only so many hours in a day and after spending 8 of them at work in front of my computer I can really only bear to come home and spend 3-4 in front of the TV. Any more than that and I may start to feel like maybe (just maybe) I have a problem and need to start leaving the house more or something….You know.. Exercise.. Walk the dogs, get a life.. that kind of thing..

2 thoughts on “I Tried

  1. I still don’t know how this show ever became popular in the first place. I can’t stand it. It was the only thing I heard about on the radio this morning while driving to work, too. I can’t wait for people to finally stop watching that pile of crap. haha


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