10 Year Reunion

This year will be my 10 year high school reunion.

Holy crap.

I randomly stumbled across a website for it today. I mean I don’t know how they were “getting the word out” about it, but if I hadn’t googled a girl I went to school with who had already signed up on it, I wouldn’t know about it! (I was trying to find her website that she had sent an email out about a week ago. I couldn’t remember the URL).

Anyways, for anyone who may be older than me, did you go to yours? Was it expensive (if we only go to the evening/dinner part it’s $50 a person!!)? Was it worth it or do you regret not going?

I’m kind of torn. I mean I wasn’t really friends with that many people at my high school. There are a couple of people I’d be interested in seeing again, but really not that many. And one of them is someone I see pretty frequently anyways!

I can see how they would be fun for some people. My dad still goes to his reunions but I don’t think my mom has ever gone to hers. When I was younger I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t want to go back and see those people again, but here am I going “do I really want to go see those people again or would I rather just get on with it and pretend high school didn’t happen?” Not that it was an entirely miserable experience, because it wasn’t. There are definitely some great high school memories; just most of them don’t necessarily involve the people that would be here at this reunion.

Good thing I have until July to decide.

4 thoughts on “10 Year Reunion

  1. I skipped out on mine. Our fees were going to be either $78 or $96, I can’t remember exactly. My thinking was either “Holy crap are they charging this amount because that’s the year we were born?” or it might have been “..because that’s the year we graduated?” — I threw the piece of paper away so quickly I can’t remember which it was. Either way, it was about $50 more than I would even consider paying to hang out with people that I haven’t seen in 10 years.


  2. I feel the same about HS reunions as you. I didn’t have a miserable experience in HS, but the people that I want to keep in touch with from that time are still my friends now. My husband on the other hand is way excited about his, which is also this year.


  3. I think my high school reunion was something cheap like $40 but it was just at George’s Garage in Durham. Anyways, I skipped mine and don’t regret it *at all* — especially after seeing pictures and talking with a couple of friends that went. I got to hear all the gossip on what happened to people in ten years without having to actually endure hours of trying to have polite conversation with people I wouldn’t mind not seeing again for another ten years.


  4. Traci

    I went to my tenth and it wasn’t terribly expensive. It was, however, very surreal and strange. Everyone was trying so hard to one-up each other and to show that they had “made it.” Argh! If I had to do it all over again, I probably wouldn’t go. I hear that after the tenth, folks aren’t trying quite so hard to impress, so I am now gearing up for my twentieth (GASP) in a couple of years. I’ll let you know what that is like….holy cow!!!!


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