Meet the Neighbors

We’ve lived in the new house for around 2.5 months now and have FINALLY just now last weekend met any of our neighbors. I had seen them in their back yard a few times and tried to wave, we have both seen them pull into the garage and close the door behind them while we were out front hanging out. Pretty much we were just sure that we weren’t going to get to know them, which is a shame because we had good relationships with the people on both sides of us in the last neighborhood. I wanted to have cool neighbors again!

(Incidentally, a house across the street from us now has a “Sold!” sign up so we’re hopeful for some cool neighbors there as well.)

So this time we were in the garage, trying to get organized and put the work bench and pegboard up and together and basically make space so that we can walk all the way from the house door to the garage door without playing hopscotch over all our crap. I was in the middle of trimming some branches off the tree in our front yard (so that it would look more like a small tree than an overgrown freakish bush) and as I was walking back from dropping the limbs off in the big pile of limbs in the empty lot next door (What?! Like you wouldn’t have done the same thing??) it looked like Nate was talking to someone but I couldn’t figure out who… until I got back into the yard and lo – it was our neighbor! She had pulled into the garage and seen us outside and actually came over to introduce herself! 2.5 months later!

So we chatted with her for a bit, she’s very nice. She and her husband are from CA (although judging by their accents I’d say not originally!) and have two kids, one of them goes to Apex High School, and she was actually kind of excited to find out I went to school there too. And she talked about us coming to see games since I used to go there. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I didn’t give a crap about our athletics program when I was a student there and that chances were slim I would actually start to give a crap any time soon, but maybe, just maybe we will try to catch a game, and try to make friends with our neighbors. I did tell her I was in the marching band so I went to a lot of the football games, but only because I had to!

Eventually her husband came out and we met him too and they’re both very nice people. He asked if I did any freelance web stuff, and I said sometimes but not really and he talked about possibly having projects he could discuss with me, while nice, I’m not sure how excited I am about that. I don’t mind picking up a spare project here and there but I don’t want all of my free time to be tied up in extra work! I’m hoping he was just being friendly.

All in all I call it a success. Now if we can just politely find a way to tell them it’s SO not cute when their dogs try to chew through the fence to eat us, we’ll be set!

One thought on “Meet the Neighbors

  1. Sounds like your neighbors are pretty nice! We’ve been in our house for about 2 months now, and we still haven’t really met our neighbors. We chatted with a lady down the street one evening when she was out walking her dog, and the next door neighbors came over once to see why Comcast cut off their cable. I was a little disappointed at first that no one welcomed us to the neighborhood, but then I remembered I’m anti-social and don’t want to get roped into things like attending high school sporting events or making my neighbors a website 😉


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