Nature Sucks

As I was leaving work on Thursday I saw two birds squawking hysterically at a crow. They were trying to protect their nest. It took me a minute to figure it out, but it was not something I wanted to see! They chased it up to a ledge on the building screeching and flying at it, but it was pretty persistent. By the time I got to my car they were back on the tree still dive bombing the crow.

I mean all I wanted to do was chase the crow off, but how could I? I could throw something and possibly hit one of the birds (because my aim, it’s that bad). Or I could accidently hit the nest, which is even worse, and these birds did NOT seem to care that there were people around at all.

So I couldn’t bear to hang around and watch.

On the bright side we have a family of geese that lives near the house that we see every morning on the way to work. I don’t care how big, angry and mean geese can be, those babies are freaking adorable.

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