Rock On, Town of Cary!

I know I don’t live in Cary any more, but I still think the people that make fun of Cary for being snobby or full of Yankees and non-native NC residents need to get over themselves. I found Cary to be a really great place to live and even now that I’m not living there I think they’re even more awesome than ever.

On our way to a friend’s house on Saturday evening we were cruising down a sort of back road, no traffic etc, come around a curve and WHAM, road closed.

Seriously. We came around a curve and had to slam on the brakes to keep from nailing the giant road closed barrier in the road.

Fortunately the brakes worked.

We turned as the “detour” sign directed us to, and were understandably pissed off at how there were absolutely NO SIGNS up saying that the road was closed ahead. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.


And thankful for good brakes.

So we got to our friend’s house and told them what happened and apparently we’re not the only ones this has snuck up on. Not only that, but since the lane was only closed on one side they’ve actually encountered a problem on the other side where people were going the WRONG WAY because they didn’t’ feel like detouring.

So this morning I went to the town of Cary’s website to find out who is responsible for the road construction and sent an email to their engineering department suggesting that a warning sign would be nice and I’m sorry if they were the wrong people to contact and could they let me know who the right person was?

I expected it would be a while to hear back, if I heard back, or that they were the wrong people. Instead within an hour I had a response that said the construction was due to a new neighborhood under development in the area and they would go speak with the developers to get the problem taken care of.

Four hours later I got another email saying they had spoken with the developers. The lone sign that was up was knocked down last week during the storms and not only would a sign be put back up but a sign giving the drivers in feet how far til the road closed should be in place this afternoon.

I hate to say I’m shocked by their response, but I am. And it really makes me so happy to know that they’re so responsive to people’s concerns, especially when it comes to major safety hazards like SURPRISE! ROAD CLOSED!

So way to go, Town of Cary!

On the “less than awesome side” of things… anti lock brakes + gravel crappy ass road = less anti and more lock. Which leads to flat spots on the tires which may lead to new tires.

3 thoughts on “Rock On, Town of Cary!

  1. I am not very fond of the town of Cary. We’ve had our issues in the past. But this is pretty cool. I wouldn’t expect that kind of service from other departments though.


  2. I’d love to think they were doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, but I’m pretty sure they did it to avoid being sued. There are lots of safety regulations that apply to situations like that, and I’d bet they weren’t in compliance before you called!


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