This and That

So last Thursday night we finally broke down and watched the first episode of Dexter Season 2 OnDemand. (Awesome!)

And then we promptly decided no more Dexter during the week because we have to get up early in the morning and Dexter is like potato chips. You can’t stop at just one! Only it was getting late and we had to stop after just one and it sucked so we’re going to save Dexter for the weekends now.

Friday morning we woke up to flashing lights. 

After leaving the bedroom to take the dogs outside we could see flashing lights, and parked on a street perpendicular to ours were 3 police cruisers, one police SUV and a car. There were lots of officers out walking around, one person sitting on the curb. It was too far to tell what they were doing, but close enough to make us curious! Unfortunately we may just never know. By the time I got out of the shower it was down to one cruiser, one SUV and the car, and then by the time we ate breakfast they were all gone. I went out of the neighborhood that way so I could see if they left anything but they didn’t! Not a trace! Almost makes me wonder if we missed sirens too, but I don’t think I’m even a heavy enough sleeper to miss that many sirens.

Speaking of sleep, I managed to sleep on my stomach the other night and wound up with a stiff neck the next day, and waking up to pins and needles in my arms from lack of circulation. Who knew sleep could be so dangerous?

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