Welcome Back, Showtime!

After finishing the first season of Dexter on DVD and seeing that the second one won’t be released until August we decided to bite the bullet and just order Showtime already. We cancelled it when we moved trying to minimize expense while we had two mortgages, but now that we’re free we may as well get it going again!

And how can we be expected to spend the next 3 months Dexter free?! (I looked online at the library and the books are all checked out.)

And also I need to catch up on the Tudors and we need to be able to watch Californication!

Probably it’s just a matter of time before we get HBO back too, but for right now I think Showtime will do the trick.

I’m excited! (It’s the little things.)

One thought on “Welcome Back, Showtime!

  1. I’ve had like 4 people try to get me how great Dexter is and tell me how I need to watch it. It’s almost I feel like ya’ll are trying to push drugs on me or something.


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