Painting Problems

Painting Problems

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Oh my god, let me tell you about this STUPID wall.

It started with a small hole. About nickel sized. The hole was caused by Nate and my dad installing a cable outlet on that wall (since the only outlet in the room was in the useless TV nook above the fireplace). They had to drill through some beams and apparently were not quite drilling straight down.

No big deal. I’ve patched holes before. In fact, I’m so good patching holes you can no longer tell where the hole was in this BIG HUGE spot of “touch up” paint that is SO not the same color as the rest of the wall.

After trying to “blend” it about 5 times, and I actually even primed the whole area once to start from scratch we caved and went to the home warranty people. Fortunately our builders are awesome and not only are they going to fix the problem, but they’re going to take a piece of the paint off and give is a gallon that will be mixed to match it.

I can’t wait for them to start because I am beyond tired of looking at this spot on the wall.