April Showers Bring…

April flowers!

Nate and I went to the farmer’s market with our friend, J, on Saturday. it was our first time and it was amazing. I don’t know why we’ve never been there before, because it was SO neat.

We bought several flowers to put in pots on the back porch and this fall I have a feeling I’m going to be going a little crazy replanting my front flower beds. They’re not bad now, they’re just not especially attractive. Very boring. I’ve asked J to help me with them. She’s a “master gardner” and if I could show you pictures of her beds in her back yard I would becuase they look amazing.

So I already can’t wait to go back to the farmer’s market to look around if for nothing else. In addition to the flowers we bought green tomatoes, asparagus (my dad would be proud!), a sweet potato, and green pepper/jalapenos plants. I hope I can manage not to kill them!

One thought on “April Showers Bring…

  1. I used to work for the Master Gardner’s of the NC Cooperative Extension. They had THE MOST amazing yards I have ever seen. I was so jealous.


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