A Different Approach

The other day I received a comment that said “I was getting pretty edgy reading this. If I say Im disagreeing with your post I would say nothing. Reading this is meaningless waste of time.”

Now, grammar aside, this is the first mean comment spam I’ve received. Maybe they figured since flattery wasn’t getting them posted (although sometimes it’s kind of hard to resist when they tell you how completely awesome you are) that poorly worded insults would get them some attention.

Frankly, I prefer spam comments like this one, “Wow what a beautiful story. I have read your blog for a long time and have never posted a comment…It is no wonder that you often don’t open up comments with all the wack jobs out in this world.”

Which is funny because it was in response to a post about installing a new cable outlet in the bonus room. I guess to some people, cable really is a beautiful thing! And I always leave my comments open, although if this much spam is getting through I’m probably leaving them open too long!

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