Seats with a View

Friday night we made the mistake of going to the Durham Bulls’ first home game of the season. Since there were six of us and we had waited so long to buy tickets we had to sit on the lawn. It even sounded kind of fun when we bought the tickets.

Long story shorter (but not too short, sorry!)

20 minutes after getting off the highway we’d gone approximately two blocks and were forced back onto the highway due to a traffic accident involving a pedestrian.

After paying $3 to park and being promised a refund if the deck was full, we found out the deck was in fact full and were directed to another deck that wanted to charge us $2 because they were a separate company and the other people should have given us our money back. (They didn’t end up charging us and said they’d get it from the other company, which sucks for them because it was only $2 to park there so if they get $2 from the other company then the other company gets to keep $1 for a lot of people who didn’t actually get to park there. Assholes).

Once we got to our lawn seats in the only piece of grass that was left, the men went off to get food and beer. Four innings and two lines later they came back with hot dogs in hoagie buns because they ran out of hot dog buns, and no soda, because they ran out of that too.

Once we got settled in the game wasn’t bad, but I will seriously never go to opening day again!