On the Mend

I know I already posted about what a different dog he is, all active and playful and weird stuff like that but he just keeps getting better!

At his heaviest, Gouda weighed almost 55 pounds. Fat boy was put on a diet and our goal was 45-48ish. At an August vet appointment he weighed 47 and we were thrilled. Then in November he weighed 45 and we thought it was because everything he ate went straight through him. By his last vet trip in March he weighed around 38 pounds and we put him on a reverse diet (he eats ultra low allergen chow, but he eats a LOT of it).

Now in addition to being a super perky dog, he’s starting to put weight back on and according to the scale over the weekend he’s back up to 42 pounds! And the vet is so thrilled with his progress she’s reduced his antibiotic dosage to once a day.

Now, I know that’s really all pretty boring but I just can’t get over how much better he’s doing in such a short amount of time. All it took was allowing them to do a major blood test that was able to successfully diagnose him as “broken” and get us on the right track, maybe he’ll never be completely un-broken, but he’s definitely headed in the right direction for a change!

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