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Such a Big Mess

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And messy. I don’t know what it is but I absolutely cannot cook without making some sort of mess. Nate turned 30 on Sunday so I made him a cake and, as usual, it turned into the mother of all messes.

Really it was quite the multi tasking. I was making pizzas for dinner and a cake for Nate’s birthday so I started with the pizza dough, then made the cake batter, then once the cake was finished it was time to start the icing. Everything else had been only moderately messy, the icing is where the cocoa really hit the fan!

(Quick aside: My sister cracks me up sometimes. Meg came over and Nate decided there wasn’t enough beer. Meg asked if I would run to the store and get some, but since I was kind of baking a cake I suggested she could go since her car was blocking mine anyways. She said “But I don’t know how to get to the store!” Which was funny because she and I had just gone to Harris Teeter like 2 hours ago and you can actually see a Lowes Foods from my house! She and Nate went to get beer.)

Anyways! Once the cake was out of the oven and cooling it was time to make the icing which called for mixing room temperature butter with cocoa powder. Room temp butter might be nice and squishy, but it does NOT mix. I turned the mixer on to get it started and it broke into a few pieces and was coated with cocoa but that was it. So I turned off the mixer (after turning it on high by mistake and shooting cocoa everywhere).

Meg thought I must be doing it wrong so she came in and did the exact same thing. Mixer on high, powder everywhere.

So we stuck the butter and the cocoa in the microwave to melt the butter and it went smoothly from there. But not before we got cocoa all over the counter, all over ourselves, all over the cookbook and I think you get the idea.


In the end it all turned out very tasty, but I definitely learned my lesson about “room temperature” butter.

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  1. The butter should have mixed in fine to create a fluffy icing… my only thought is that it wasn’t quite room temperature enough… or that your rooms are freezing.


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