Free Concerts are Awesome

Today we went downtown to see Seven Mary Three in concert. For free. It was pretty awesome.

It was also pretty empty. I think after the storms last night and the promise of rain for the rest of the day a lot of people didn’t end up coming out. Atleast I hope that’s what happened because the crowd? It was practically non existent. On the one hand, that meant we had freaking awesome seats for the show, but at the same time I felt really awful that they’re such a good band and they were playing for such a small crowd.

As it is I was surprised to see a band I love so much playing for free. It was part of a Blue Cross and Blue Sheild Half Marathon. They were playing at the end and there was supposed to be a kid’s festival too.

We almost didn’t go. Because of the weather. This morning I checked and seemed to think the rain would hold off until around 2pm so we went. It sprinkled for about 2 minutes while we were there, but otherwise the weather was fine and I’m really glad we decided to go out for it.