I decided to start watching Dexter since CBS has been showing it lately and there was nothing else on TV. I collected about 4 on the DVR before I actually started watching them. I don’t think I started on the first episode, but I’m definitely hooked. I watched 3 episodes on Sunday. Meg watched one and a half with me and then spent most of Monday watching season one on Showtime. It makes me miss having Showtime for the first time since we cancelled it last month!

Yesterday I went to watch two more off the DVR only to discover that something must have run late because the first half hour of both episodes was Cold Case! I couldn’t bring myself to watch what was taped because I knew I wouldn’t be able to see the end of the show. It makes me sad.

I’m going to go ahead and buy the DVDs but I’m trying to wait for Nate before I start them. I think he might like them and I know if I start them without him he’ll never catch up! (I watched about 4 episodes of Californication over the summer before I decided that not only did I actually really like it, but I bet he would too. He did. He tried hard to catch up but I finished the season without him because I’m impatient.)

I know it was a book (or series of books) also but I want to watch the shows before I read the books. I don’t know how closely they follow each other but I don’t want to spoil anything for myself!

3 thoughts on “Dexter

  1. I can’t imagine how CBS is able to run that show without cutting out all the good stuff. Yeah, def. get the DVD’s. I think you’ll like it even more.


  2. Traci

    You’ll love the DVDs. Dotty’s right….they’ve cut out a lot of the meaty (forgive me!) aspects of the show. I have been pondering re-upping Showtime just when Dexter is back on.


  3. There was one day last Fall when I was watching the Season 1 DVD and I literally stayed up until 5am just to finish watching the season.. and then I woke up 2 hours later for work. hahaha. I was completely addicted. And I have to echo what they said – get the DVDs because if you like it on CBS then you will love it on Showtime/DVD.


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