That’ll Teach Me…

Long story short (ha, actually it’s not a long story but I could easily make it one), I am taking medication to treat a sinus infection. Even though I had no runny nose, no coughing, no fever, I had major congestion, trouble breathing through my nose, and major sinus pressure. The doctor at the clinic downstairs decided it was a sinus infection (unlike WebMD who suggested maybe I had something lodged in my nose).

Saturday morning I picked up my medication, antibiotic and decongestant/expectorant. I slept alright Saturday night, but last night I slept horribly. I woke up constantly, had trouble getting back to sleep, in general it sucked.

So this morning it occurred to me that it kind of felt like I had taken a Sudafed last night (even though I learned the hard way years ago to never take them before bed). I decided to check out the ingredients list in my decongestant. The name of the medication, Pseudovent, did give me pause when I picked it up, but I didn’t think much of it. And yeah, this morning I discovered that Pseudovent has pseudoephedrine in it. (Side effects of pseudoephedrine would include sleeplessness and restlessness. Shocker.)

So, umm, lesson learned. Again. Read the ingredients list!

One thought on “That’ll Teach Me…

  1. I hate not being able to sleep because of Sudafed! Unfortunately, any decongestant that actually works (not Sudafed PE) is going to have psuedoephedrine in it. I try to avoid the stuff because it upsets my stomach and gives me heart palpitations, but when my head feels like it’s about to explode from sinus pressure, what choice do I have??


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