We’re Bad Parents

Last night we were sitting in the living room watching TV and noticed that Gouda was missing.

We heard him whine and it sounded like he was in the master bedroom doing god knows what. So we started calling him and got no answer. I got up, starting to worry, and walked in to look around.

No dog.

I was about to walk out and I decided to open the closet and check, just in case.

Found him! Locked in the closet for atleast an hour and he only whined once to let us know where he was. Even when I was in there calling him he didn’t make a peep! If I go into the closet and shut him out he cries more than he did when he was locked in. He must have wandered in when we were putting on our pajamas and then Nate (because I didn’t go into the closet) didn’t notice he was in there. Whoops!

Poor guy. He was SO excited to be let out. I just can’t believe he didn’t make any more sound than that after a whole hour! And Layne certainly never let us know he was in there. I can’t believe she wasn’t in there on the other side of the door wondering how come he was allowed in the closet and she wasn’t.

One thought on “We’re Bad Parents

  1. Heh, we do that all the time to the cats. I feel really bad about it when I discover them locked in the coat closet after I’ve been out for several hours. You’d think they would learn by now!


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