Probably Not a Good Thing

The freezer is making  a strange noise. It’s kind of hard to describe. Not quite a ticking, but sort of. Maybe also like the motor is trying too hard, or something is pushing back and forth. Either way, it does not sound good.

When we first moved in we dumped the ice. The icemaker took about 3 days to make ice and it spent the whole time making this sound. We thought that was pretty unusual but were asked to give it time since they had already dumped a thing of ice and the icemaker had been running pretty much non stop for a few days. So we waited, and it stopped after a couple of days. We figured that was a good thing and I had forgotten about it.

Until tonight. Now it’s back, and it’s full of ice with the ice holding the lever from going down so there’s no reason it should be trying to make ice. So now we’re back to it being a bad thing and Nate is going to call the appliance people tonight to see if they can get something figured out. Fortunately it’s under warranty because this sound will seriously drive a person crazy.