New House != No Projects

Just when I thought it was safe to relax, here’s how I spent Saturday (and a little bit of Sunday) along with Nate and my dad):

Old House

  1. Patching holes left after removing nerf basketball
  2. Fixing leaking kitchen sink
  3. Fixing full bath sink stopper that didn’t actual stop
  4. Crawling around the crawl space looking for things on the inspection report
  5. Measuring garage steps (that are currently not to code, hopefully it wasn’t code when they were built and they’ll be grandfathered in)
  6. Measured/purchased gutters for two areas in the front of the house (not as scary as I thought)
  7. Inserted breaker blank cover to prevent accidental shock. (You know, in case anyone accidently sticks their fingers into the 1/2 inch hole and screws around enough to loosen a wire and electrocute themselves, in which case I’m not entirely sure they don’t deserve it)
  8. Fixed garage door reverse mechanism that didn’t respond to opposing force and would crush small children that managed to avoid the sensor
  9. Strapped dishwasher hose above disposal line to prevent backups
  10. Fixed dripping washer connections (which we and they wouldn’t have known leaked if we hadn’t taken the washer and dryer)

New House

  1. Build cat area in storage area off the dog’s room (it’s really SO very cool. it also involved re-teaching my cats how to use the cat door since they hadn’t used it for the last 20 days, even though they used for two whole years before hand)
  2. Altered down spout to fill new rain barrel. Yay rain barrel!

This means we only have a few things left to fix from the inspection report, unfortunately they’re the things that seems like they’d be a bigger pain than we’re willing to undertake on their own.

Fortunately there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

(WHOOPS! I thought I posted this on Sunday.)