Like a Completely Different Dog

Gouda has been pretty mellow lately. When we first got Layne they played like crazy dogs. All play, all the time!

I’m not even sure how long ago, but Gouda seemed to be getting over it. He’s 6 years old now so I thought it was a normal progression of age. Now I’m not so sure.

Lately, Gouda has been playing again. Playing a lot. Occasionally he even initiating play. It’s seriousy like he’s a completely different dog. Now I’m thinking his low energy level before was actually related to him being sick and not related to his age. I feel so bad! I mean who knows how long he’s felt like that and we just thought it was normal!

I think it started when we switched his chow to the anti-allergen version. Then he got his first B12 shot and the difference is amazing.

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