Spring Holiday

I’m off work today for a “Spring Holiday” today. It’s pretty awesome except that I keep forgetting that today isn’t Saturday. And even that isn’t too bad because then I remember that today is better than Saturday, it’s Friday! And I get to have an actual Saturday tomorrow. I’m sure tomorrow will feel like Sunday, but I’m ok with that too.

So I think I didn’t mention it before because I was waiting for the inspection, but we received and accepted an offer on the house. In total we received 3 offers. Two of them were bad. The third one was acceptable. Thank god. We actually received comments on the website from someone who claims to have started to write and offer, they got half way through it but the barking of the dogs next door drove them from the house. Their words, not mine. The dogs drove them from the house. While it’s disappointing to lose a potential offer it sounds like they’re assholes anyways. I mean first of all, what kind of asshole leaves a comment suggesting someone “enlighten” the neighbors about bark collars. Then they go back to the house and instead of just saying “thanks we’re not interested” they get all dramatic about how the dogs drove them from the house. Whatever.

So anyways, we got the inspection report today. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. It makes me think the guy that inspected the house when we got it was kind of slacking though. I mean I know stuff happens in 1.5 years, but I wouldn’t think to this degree. Like replacing some window sills on the outside, some siding, some subflooring. All very fun stuff. Anyways! We’re trying to get with my dad to figure out how much of the repairs we can do ourselves and then we’ll get the rest quoted out. Hopefully it won’t be too depressing. Just that much closer to making the sale!

Also this morning I learned how to give Gouda his vitamin shot. It was way easy. She did part of it and then let me do part of it and it went better than I even figured it would. It’s kind of a relief. I was a little nervous that the needle would freak me out but it was just fine.

2 thoughts on “Spring Holiday

  1. rachel

    Congratulations on the house! Some inspectors are definitely better than others, Im glad its nothing too bad, though!


  2. Hooray for selling the house! It does seem rude of those people to expect you to control your neighbors dogs. There’s nothing you can do about that! Oh well, at least you got a reasonable offer from nicer people 🙂


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