The Verdict is In

We got the results of Gouda’s blood test today. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t life threatening, but he’s definitely not well. He will have to continue on the ZD diet, the metronidazole, the probiotic. He will also be adding vitamin B12 shots. They will be given once a week for six weeks, once every other week for six weeks, then monthly until the vet decides he’s done with it. We’re going to see if this goes well, if it does then we’ll stick with it for a while. If not then we’ll have to add a pancreatic enzyme.

A wildly expensive pancreatic enzyme. Everything else is reasonable so I really hope it does the trick. He seems to be doing alright now but I hate to jinx it.

So on Friday we’re going to the vet to learn how to give him the vitamin shots at home. I’m sure I can handle it, I just need to see it done first. Then a week from Friday I’ll go back to the office and they’ll get to watch me do it to make sure I’m doing it right.

Basically he had 4 test run on the blood test and only one of them came back normal. The way I understood it he has a small intestine problem, a bacterial problem, and a pancreatic enzyme deficiency. And I guess a vitamin B deficiency.

Hopefully this means we’re finally moving in the right direction. I love my vet, she kind of cracks me up. After spending 30 minutes on the phone with me explaining Gouda’s medical issues she expressed how excited she was about the results and how glad she was that we’d run all of those tests so that we didn’t have to waste time grasping at straws and how optimistic she is. So I’m pretty optimistic too.

7 thoughts on “The Verdict is In

  1. Traci

    I’m glad you guys got answers, but I’m sorry Gouda’s going through all of this. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way.


  2. rachel

    aww, poor ghouda. I remember having to give our dog insulin shots for like 3 years. She barely even noticed as long as you did it while she was eating. I hope that ghouda goes as easily!


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