I’m Exhausted!

The trip went pretty well. I don’t remember what I said about it, but here’s a kind of summary of the trip:

Saturday: Alarm went off at 5:30am. Alarm was reset for 6. Got up, cleaned up, packed the truck and left. Left for Kentucky around 7:20ish? Arrived in Louisville around 3:30 I think. Only stopped a couple of times. Once in WVA, do not recommend*.

Sunday: Spent whole day in KY.

Monday: Got up at 7, headed to Ohio by 9:15, arrived at my grandma’s around 12:45 to have lunch and hang out. Then we went to my uncle’s house to pick up a bed, to my aunt’s house to drop stuff off, to a VW dealership to pick up a cedar chest for a friend of Nate’s, then back to my aunt’s house, and then to Plank’s for the best pizza ever. And also, holy crap, Planks on St. Patrick’s day was just awesome.

Tuesday: Up at 6, out the door by 6:45, home by 3. Again we stopped only a couple of times. Unfortunately one stop was in WVA again (different exit) but I still do not recommend it*. We also stopped in Durham on the way to drop off the Cedar chest, so all in all the drive back was not bad.

I am so freaking exhausted though. Fortunately we have a “Spring Holiday” on Friday so we’re off work, because I think two days is about all I’ll be good for this week before my brain completely gives up! I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

We picked the dogs up from Pupsi yesterday afternoon and they were wiped out too. Gouda actually laid down in the car for the ride home, which never NEVER happens.

*I’m sure West Virginia is a perfectly fine place to live and not all areas suck as much as the ones we stopped in, along the Turnpike, but the gas was $0.25 more than other areas we drove through and the bathrooms at both stops were gross. The first one had no hot water. Not that the water didn’t heat up, but when you turned the knob for the hot water, nothing happened. The second one which was a gas station/subway had no soap in the ladies room. But employees must wash hands before returning to work. GROSS.

And also – there were a lot of cows in Virginia. Cows everywhere. I like cows.

One thought on “I’m Exhausted!

  1. Haha yes, we do have a lot of cows in VA! I usually just drive really fast through WV. Like you said, I’m sure it’s a nice state, but you know, the speed limit is higher there so I just drive faster 🙂


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