Murphy’s Friday

Oh my lord what a day.

When we got home from work today we got the dogs all packed up and took them to Pupsi for the weekend. Only to realize shortly before arrival that we left their chow at home. They’re only open for dropoff from 5-6 and we dropped them off at about 5:05.

So home we went. And when we got there the garage door was open. We left the garage door open. Awesome.

I ran inside and grabbed the keys to the camry, ran back out. Noticed I had grabbed the CRV key instead of the house key (Meg is borrowing the CRV now) so I ran back in to try again. I got in the camry to run the chow over to Pupsi while Nate went to mow the lawn at the old house. I made it at 5:55. They would have accepted the chow even if I didn’t make it, but I would have had to leave it on their bench outside to be picked up later.

So I went home, did some dishes, put clothes in the dryer, Nate came home and asked where the tarp was. The one he had set on the back of the camry. The camry that I drove to Pupsi without looking at before I got in it. Yeah, who knows where the tarp went but it was looong gone. So Nate ran out to buy a new one. (We need it for the trip).

We had planned to go to the Draft House for dinner tonight but since everything above took so freaking long we decided to order pizza. So I got online and ordered the pizza from Papa John’s, which we do on a semi regular basis. I logged into my email account to check the estimated arrival time… and there isn’t one! Because somehow it got set to CarryOut! (I would swear I distinctly remember clicking Delivery, but I had to re-enter credit card info so I wonder if that’s when it switched? Maybe? Maybe I’m crazy?)

So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drive to Papa John’s now. And then go to bed to make sure I don’t screw anything else up!

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