The Continuing Saga of Gouda’s Digestive Tract

Gouda had to go back to the vet on Tuesday. This time, in addition to his usual variety of sick (which started again yesterday morning), he threw up in the middle of the night Monday night. Fortunately somehow I heard him and was able to jump out of bed and get him onto one of the dog beds to barf. That way all I had to do was take the bed cover off and put a towel on it for easy(ish) cleanup. Tossing a doggie bed cover in the washing machine beats the crap out of washing the carpet!

The vet is discouraged that previous attempts have not held it off completely. Mostly he’s been fine, but every time I give him a food that is not just the normal chow he winds up sick. Last time it was dog gravy. Lesson learned. This time it was a dental rawhide. Lesson learned, again. So from now on Gouda’s diet will in no way deviate from a new chow he’s starting (Science Diet ZD to use as a trial to check for food allergies). Previously he was eating a mix of Science Diet Light and Science Diet ID (for sensitive tummies). He also had a blood panel taken that is going to be sent off to the labs to test for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Extra AWesome!

Aside from the fact that I think I have adopted the most expensive dog ever (and thank GOD for pet insurance), I feel awful that he can’t seem to kick this. I know it can’t be fun for him and all the diet changes and the food withholding and empty kong when we leave for work. It sucks not to mention the tummy gurgling and the part where he’s actually physically getting sick.

On the bright side he seems to be doing better. We were warned that the new chow could temporarily make it worse (in which case he would also get metamucil. fun.) but he’s hanging in there!

(And also? I wrote this post on Tuesday. I just kept forgetting to post it. Whoops!)

4 thoughts on “The Continuing Saga of Gouda’s Digestive Tract

  1. Traci

    Is there any chance he has a nervous tummy? Do the episodes happen when you’re stressed out or when his routine changes? Just curious….we found that Lucy barfs or gets sick the other end when she’s stressed out or when I am (she picks up on my vibe).


  2. Have you ever considered home cooking for him? My dog used to vomit a lot too when we first adopted him. Found out that he had an allergy to corn and corn products (commericial dog food is loaded with it as a filler, wheat is also a common dog allergy). Tried different things and he just wasn’t thriving. Switched him to a fresh foods diet and he’s been on it for 7 years now. Fresh meat, veggies, and fruit are what he gets. Frozen yogurt cubes as a treat and a digestive. 🙂


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