Springing Forward Sucks

Ok, is it just me, or should we maybe Spring Forward on a Friday night next year?  You know, so we can try and adjust to the time change over the weekend. Two days instead of just one. I mean Saturday night we reset our clocks and waking up Sunday wasn’t bad, but within an hour of waking up I was already thinking “Oh my god it’s 10?! How did it get to be 10 already?!” and that went on pretty much all day. “Oh my god it’s 4?! Can you believe it’s already 4?!” right up until bed time.

It was also ridiculously hard to get out of bed this morning. I normally wake up when it’s dark out so that wasn’t anything different, but somehow, even though I went to sleep at a semi-regular time, I have been dragging all day! I think it may have something to do with Nate sitting up in bed like 12 times last night (exaggeration? yes. but it was at least 2 if not 3-4 times). Gouda was having some minor stomach issues yesterday. Nothing major like we’ve had in the past, just a minor problem, he skipped (aka – we didn’t feed him) breakfast and had rice and yogurt (mixed with his prescription pro-biotic) for dinner. So I’m not sure what Nate was expecting, dog poo, dog vomit, dog whatever, but it seemed like every time a dog moved he shot up in bed to look around.

Also – in addition to putting a cable outlet in the bonus room upstairs, we also installed two programmable thermostats this weekend. This project was also pretty easy. The only hard part was digging through the garage to find the electrical tape.

One thought on “Springing Forward Sucks

  1. You make a good point — now that I think about it, the time change has always been on a Saturday night. Who the hell makes these decisions 🙂


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