The most amazing thing happened over the weekend. For the first time ever (in my experience) a project actually took the amount of time we thought it would!

This house only had two cable outlets in it when we moved in, and they were both downstairs. Fortunately the cable goes through the attic and Nate and my dad actually put a new cable outlet in the bonus room and ran a cable to put one into the dog/exercise room. Fortunately there’s an unfinished storage room right next to the bonus room so running that cable really was quick and easy. I was so impressed.

Not so impressive was the three of us in the attic trying to figure out how to run the cable into the living room. It has a cable outlet in it, but it’s in the TV window that’s above the fireplace and that isn’t where we plan on putting our TV. So we’re standing in the attic looking around and right past the floored area there’s a section that is at the same height as the attic floor, and then there was another set of beams that was further down, like at the same level as the second story floor.

As my dad was shining his light down there he saw a floor. Nate and I were REALLY excited. I mean what was up with this random floor floating around in a strange area of the attic! My dad was talking about being able to sort of scale down into that area and stand on the floor to drop cable down into the wall.

Then Nate leaned over so he could see the floor. Then he said “Hey, maybe we should go look at that storage area the water heater is in.” Ummm. Oh yeah! I had forgotten allllll about that area. There’s a door off one of the upstairs bedrooms that leads to a little unfinished area that holds the water heater.

Yeah, it was the very same floored area we had been looking at from the attic. After we got over the initial “how stupid are we” laughing we started thinking about how awesome it would have been for my dad to have repelled down onto that floor only to discover the door. He would have killed us but I think The Funny would have been worth it.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!

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  1. I just pictured your Dad doing some sort of Tom Cruise/Mission Impossible job just to get down to the floor. Glad you guys figured it out before anyone got hurt! haha


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