Thank God for Hairballs!


I never thought I’d have an occasion to say something like that.. but I do!

On Tuesday we came home from work and I filled up the non-disposal side of the sink with warm water so I could thaw some meat for dinner. Then I went upstairs to grab my laptop from the office. In the office was the hairball. Awesome. Just what I wanted to clean up right after coming home from work. There’s a hairball in the new house on the new and previously un-barfed on carpet.

So anyways, I went back downstairs to get some paper towels and the most amazing pet-stain cleaner I’ve ever seen in my life that I cannot remember the name of right now but seriously, it rules. It was under the sink. I opened the cabinets and I could have sworn I heard a dripping. I felt around and nothing felt wet but I could still hear the drip…drip…drip… so I emptied everything out from under the sink and there was definitely water on the bottom.

Turns out a little of the water was leaking out from where the drain pipe screws into the sink. It was not something we could adjust ourselves so we emptied that side of water and called the home warranty people. The plumber is coming out Friday. (Assuming they’re no longer sick. They were supposed to come out Wednesday which is why I drove separately to work and wound up with a flat tire, but they called in sick and reschedule. So thanks, plumbers, for my awesome flat tire!)

So anyways! If it hadn’t been for the fact that the cat had a hairball I never would have heard the sink dripping and it probably would have flooded under our cabinet and that would have REALLY pissed me off, so thanks, Colby! You get a free pass this time! (Not that he cares that I care that he barfed on the floor.)

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