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How’s that for an awesome (almost) start to the day?

Fortunately when we got out of Dunkin Donuts before they drove away, Ted noticed that my tire was flat. After they got the tire off I saw the piece of metal on the bottom. It is a long skinny piece and I have no idea what it is. I’m not sure where it came from either.

I mean it would makes sense if it came from my new neighborhood since it’s still under construction but I don’t think there’s any way I would have made it all the way to the Dunkin Donuts without going flat sooner. And it was SO FLAT there’s no way it was flat like that while I was driving on it and I just didn’t notice. I think it happened while I was driving down Davis Drive. I swear I heard a low pop or something, but I didn’t feel a change in how the car was driving so I forgot about it.

Until I saw my tire was flat. If Ted hadn’t seen it and I had tried to pull out it would have been bad. So very bad.

So now I have an appointment at the place I bought the tires to hopefully have it plugged and possibly buy a new tire because I’m don’t know much about patching tires but I’m not entirely sure that it can actually be plugged what with the shape of the metal piece stuck in there.

I think secretly today is Monday and it’s just disguised as a Wednesday because this flat tire is just such a Monday type of thing.

2 thoughts on “Fix-a-Flat

  1. Ah! I hate cars. Glad they were there to change it for you. I could change a flat, but I just don’t want to. Which is why I have road side assistance.


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