Packing is Super Fun!

This doesn’t include the stuff we already boxed and took to my parents’ house to “unclutter” for showings. It also doesn’t count most of our dishes, pots, pans, and I’m sure about 500 other things that I haven’t even thought of yet.

We’re trying to have it done by Tuesday night so Wednesday night we can start taking stuff apart.

Thursday is the big day.

At the beginning of the month it seemed SO far away. I was sure the month would drag by because I wanted so badly for moving day to come. Now moving day is right around the corner and OH MY GOD I HAVE TO PACK.

I had almost forgotten how much fun packing is.


Afterthought: Gouda is fine. He has enthusiastically eaten every meal since. What a freak. (And a relief).

Update: No, we didn’t sell the house yet. Yes, we’re moving this week. No, we’re not worried.

4 thoughts on “Packing is Super Fun!

  1. I loathe everything about packing and moving with a ferocity that I can’t even put into words. When I moved out of my apartment last summer we must have left a ton of things behind, because I’m still discovering things I know i used to own that are mysteriously missing. I can’t wait to get to the point in my life when I settle into a house for like 20 years.


  2. So glad Gouda is doing better. Dogs are funny animals 🙂 Good luck with the packing! We have another month before we need to move, and I’m totally dreading moving day. Ugh.


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